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Go inside an ice cave to see nature’s most beautiful blue

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Where do glaciers and icebergs get their beautiful blue color? This unique blue might be nature’s most brilliant, and the color arises in a very special way thanks to some surprising interactions between light and water molecules. Who knew physics could be so breathtaking?

Travel to and inside Alaska‘s receding Mendenhall Glacier, originally known as Sitaantaagu, with Joe Hanson of It’s Okay to Be Smart to see a very special kind of ice: Blue Ice. This brilliant blue is thanks to some physics that can be explained with the help of a guitar string. Watch Inside an ICE CAVE! – Nature’s Most Beautiful Blue. Bonus: A 360˚ view from inside the ice cave:

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Plus: More videos about the color blue and videos about ice crystals, including how to make instant ice and how to grow snowflakes in a bottle.

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