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Golden Kingdoms: Luxury & Legacy in the Ancient Americas

Emblems of royalty, sacred offerings, ornaments, adornments, and treasures endowed with symbolic significance. Follow the development of goldworking from the Inca Empire, the Aztec Empire, and other ancient civilizations across 2,000 years of history, “from its earliest appearance in the Andes to its later developments farther north in Central America and Mexico.” Met Curator Joanne Pillsbury gives us a peek at some of the exhibit’s 300+ artifacts.

Golden Kingdoms: Luxury and Legacy in the Ancient Americas will reveal the distinctive ways ancient Americans used not only metals, but also jade, shell, and feathers—materials often considered more valuable than gold. Bringing together newly discovered archaeological finds and masterpieces from major museums in Latin America, Europe, and the United States, this exhibition will cast new light on these ancient civilizations and their place within world history.

Catch the exhibition at The Met Fifth Avenue from February 28 through May 28, 2018. Related reading: Gold in Ancient America (pdf).

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