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Green wood spoon carving

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One of my favorite green woodworking techniques is spoon carving, and in this video I show you how to carve a spoon from tree to table and what tools you need to carve a spoon, whether in your woodshop or sitting by a bonfire in the woods. Spoon carving will improve a lot of other woodworking skills, so it’s important to learn how to carve a wooden spoon start to finish.

See how Anne Briggs of Anne of All Trades explores the art of carving in her woodworking, blacksmithing and fabrication shop. Anne has been learning to preserve traditions like this one life skill at a time, originally in Seattle and now Nashville, since 2011.

finding a good piece of wood
cutting the shape of the spoon
In an interview with Modern Farmer, she explains:

Literally everything we do around here is by trial and error, and 90 percent of our information comes from the Internet. One of the most common questions I get from people is, “how the heck do you know how to do this stuff?” I always laugh when I answer “YouTube.” We are also “farmers” in a modern world.

carving the spoon

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Bonus: Amanda Crowe, Eastern Band Cherokee Indian woodcarver.

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