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What does a world record firework look like from below?

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Launched from a 26-foot steel tube buried in Emerald Mountain (aka Quarry Mountain), just west of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a massive firework illuminated the night. With that February 8, 2020 explosion in the sky, Steamboat Fireworks reportedly set Guinness’ ‘Largest Aerial Firework Shell’ world record.

Guinness World Record Firework
According to Steamboat Pilot & Today, the firework shell weighed 1,270 kilograms (2,800 pounds) and measured 157.5 centimeters (62 inches) in diameter. It soared 671 meters (2,200 feet) into the air.

For [Steamboat Springs fireworks enthusiast Tim] Borden and his team, including Jim Widmann, Eric Krug and Ed MacArthur, those fleeting seconds of color and clamor were the culmination of seven years of hard work, hundreds of pages of engineering and countless obstacles.

The team also got a stunning, galaxy-level upshot of the world record firework from a GoPro sitting next to the mortar tube:

guinness world record - gopro upshot of firework

The previous world record firework shell was set on January 1st, 2018 over Al Marjan Island in the United Arab Emirates.

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