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Most mini-dominoes toppled – Guinness World Record

Eighty times smaller and 100 times lighter than standard size dominoes, mini dominoes must be set up with tweezers, quite a challenge for these two domino enthusiasts. Sinners Domino Entertainment captured this set up of 2,000 super-tiny pieces in Büdingen, Germany on July 12, 2013. According to SDE, the final toppling broke the previous record of 1,585 pieces, and wasn’t easy — see them have to start over after an accidental chain reaction 40 seconds into the video. From the team:

The dominoes are so small that they make almost no noise when they topple. Additionally, we had to run this record attempt without an audience since each small vibration or air draft could have made this record impossible.

Small vibrations and air drafts! TINY. In the archives: SDE also set up a 2013 world record of 275,000 dominoes.

via Mental Floss.

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