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The Fiercest Ocean Predators (that are also super tiny)

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Shrink down and discover the wonderful lives of the tiny, the miniature, the microworlds… including the Fiercest Ocean Predators. Hakai Institute shares how small yet ferocious aquatic organisms called zooplankton steal, “stick, sting, sense, and sneak to keep their bellies full.”

sea angel
Parasitism, parasites and hosts, predators and prey! Featured creatures include a hyperiid amphipod like the parasitic Hyperoche medusarum, a colloblast-weilding comb jelly (Ctenophore), a copepod-devouring arrow worm (Chaetognath), swimming sea slugs called sea angels (Clione limacina), and small swimming snails called sea butterflies (Limacina helicina).

parasitic amphipod on a comb jelly
zooplankton predator
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