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Handbell ringers perform “Married Life” from Pixar’s UP

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Handbell ringers Greg Urban, Leslie Urban and Kim Thackray perform ‘Married Life’ from Pixar’s UP in Corvallis, Oregon.

How do handbell ringers play handbells? From Wikipedia:

To ring a handbell, the ringer moves it in such a way that the clapper strikes the inside surface of the bell, usually holding it against his or her shoulder, bell upwards, and then swinging the bell through an elliptical shape to cause the clapper to strike the casting. The tone of the bell will continue to resonate, decaying naturally until it stops completely or the ringer stops it by damping the bell with a hand or on the body or a padded surface…

Normal ringing technique only allows a ringer to ring two bells at a time, one in each hand. Depending on the number of bells needed for a particular piece and the number of ringers, it may be necessary for each ringer to ring more than two bells at a time or in short succession (four-in-hand) There are also many techniques that change the sound of the bell as it is rung.

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