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Hedgehogs and the City (Ezi un lielpilseta) by Evalds Lacis

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When a forest paradise is paved over and replaced by a city full of people, the local animals have to figure out how to adapt. “It isn’t just things to eat that Hedgehog, Wild Boar, and the other animals encounter,” summarizes the Berlin International Film Festival. “There are people there too and they all seem to have their troubles and woes.”

“Somebody’s keys fall down the drain, a ball gets stuck in a tree, a child cries, or the bathroom is dirty. No problem for the animals. Hedgehog fetches the keys, Bird gets the ball, and Raccoon cleans the bath until it shines.”

lost keys
With hard work, collaboration, and the leadership of a small hedgehog, the resolute group of animals devises a plan to earn money by helping people and hopefully find their way back to happiness.

the animals gather
Hedgehogs and the Big City (Ezi un lielpilseta) is a 2012 stop-motion animation directed by Latvia-based animator Evalds Lacis.

hedgehog gets payment
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