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Flying by helium-filled balloons from Robben Island to Cape Town

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Using 160 giant helium balloons and the help of 100 team members, Matt Silver-Vallance successfully flew from Robben Island to 300 meters off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. The project aimed to raise 10 million rand ($1.1 million, €852,000) for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa.

flying to robben island
The flight was not only a daring feat, but was a tribute to former South African President and Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela. In his opposition to apartheidMandela was a political prisoner on Robben Island for 18 years of his 27 years in prison. 

Though the weather was not in his favor at first, Silver-Vallance tweeted this sunny photo, saying, “I knew I had gone high but didn’t realise that this is what the 1000m high looks like!”


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