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Hevesh5’s 32,000 domino passion project

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A stunning central spiral that changes color, a rainbow checkerboard that falls in zig-zags, zipper fields that open like books, interlocking ‘double helix’ speed wallsβ€”an astounding setup that flawlessly fell in three separate colorsβ€”and a series of tricks that includes stairs, balls, tape hinges, string triggers, towers, and more.

This Hevesh5 32,000 domino passion project by pro domino artist Lily Hevesh is a feat that took 82 days to build.

lily hevesh building
domino detail
And its final fall was not without some hiccups… quite a few hiccups that required some expert editing. Be sure to watch the video above. Or watch it again. Did you spot where they happened? Hevesh explains in the reveal video below:

I’m kind of sad there was so many breaks, but at the same time, I had such a good time just building the project. And I think the video, regardless of breaks, came out really well. So I think it’s okay… I’m still very proud of it. I love the individual tricks.

I almost feel like now, it’s more about the dominoes and the intentβ€”the idea of the design rather than if it works 100% of the way. In some ways, you need to take a risk to really push yourself to the next level and see what you can create.

twisting domino walls
domino spiral from above
Watch this next video to get her behind-the-scenes thoughts on each fail and what she learned from them:

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Bonus: Videos about fails (and learning from them).

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