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From A to B – A package’s journey through the postal system

This hidden camera adventure through the postal system, From A to B, began when Ruben van der Vleuten wanted to know, What happens when you send something by mail?

So instead of sitting back I started a simple project to actually see it myself. I put a small camera in a box, build a timer circuit using Arduino and shipped it.

That’s as simple as it is. The timer circuit was set to make a 3 sec video every minute and make longer videos while the box was movin: to not miss on the ‘interesting’ parts.

…like being dropped off at a Post Danmark office and traveling on behind-the-scenes conveyor belts. We love videos like this, not only because we get to see from a perspective that we’ve never seen before, but because it would make a great DIY project.

hidden camera in the postal system

Check out van der Vleuten’s site to see more about the box, its innerworkings, and a highlights video with some real time clips.

Watch more videos about the mail.

Thanks, @kvetchup.

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