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Hidden Surprise DIY soap + how to wash your hands
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Soap is a superhero when it comes to getting rid of germs. When you wash your hands with soap and water, soap’s pin-shaped molecules surround and destroy many of the harmful microbes and viruses on your skin, including the new coronavirus. Then, the water washes them down the drain.

In this video, Maddie Moate makes soap even more amazing with this hidden surprise DIY soap project.

dinosaur toy
Grab a small waterproof toy, a silicone mold or small bowl, and some regular bar soap to make this at home. Moate uses a clear soap to see the toy inside, but any soap will do.

This project is a fun and effective way to get kids to wash their hands more often and for longer. Moate ponders, “I wonder how many times I’m going to have to wash my hands to get to the scuba diver!”

Stick around to watch Moate demonstrate how to wash hands according to NHS guidelines.

hidden surprise diy soap
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