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Hippos eating watermelons at Nagasaki Biopark

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The hippopotamus’ strong jaws can crush a watermelon in one bite. At Japan’s Nagasaki Biopark, “Hippo’s Watermelon Time” happens twice a day. The keeper says “agemasu,” meaning “to give,” places the watermelon in the animal’s open mouth, and then crunch.

Watch these powerful herbivores demonstrate their bite of 1,825 psi (pounds per square inch) while they eat delicious watermelon. The biopark notes:

“Watermelon may be naturally cracked sometimes. But there is no cut made by our staff to break easily. You are welcome to visit Biopark to confirm if you doubt.”

hippo watermelon time
feeing the hippos
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Also at Nagasaki Biopark: “Enjoy scratching with many capybaras” while they sleep.

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