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The Hiring Chain, a music video about job inclusion for people with Down syndrome

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Hiring a person with Down syndrome not only gives that person the chance to earn a living, but it can also debunk misconceptions and challenge prejudices about what people with Down syndrome can do. And that can give rise to a series of new opportunities for everyone.

What happened after the baker hired Simone? The Hiring Chain shares what this idea might look like within one community, emphasizing that “the more people with Down syndrome are seen at work, the more they’ll be recognized as valuable employees and the more they’ll be hired.”

the baker
This music video for The Hiring Chain is an invitation for companies and communities to give more job opportunities for people with Down syndrome, as well as to learn about the accompanying benefits of an inclusive workplace.

The global awareness campaign was created for World Down Syndrome Day 2021. Music artist Sting lends his voice for the jaunty song. From CoorDown, an Italian non-profit for the cause:

“People with Down syndrome want to work for the same reasons as anyone else: the right to earn an income, learn new skills, meet new people, feel valued, contribute to society and have the chance to be more independent. For most of us, it is a vital part of having a good life. But people with Down syndrome often face barriers and prejudice, lack of opportunities, low expectations, stereotyping and other negative attitudes…”

simone working
at the lawyer's office
on the farm

“Every person with Down syndrome can work according to their abilities. The first step is finding out what the person wants to do then finding a job that fits each individual so they can do their job successfully. When given the right opportunity and support, people with Down syndrome can achieve great things and make valuable contributions to their workplace…

“Diversity strengthens every workplace and companies that employ people with Down syndrome often report significant benefits, including in their organizational health. Employing a person with Down syndrome can have a positive impact on the attitudes and behaviour of company leaders and co-workers, and improve workplace culture.”

the barber
World Down Syndrome Day is on March 21st.

Find research, toolkits, and more at And read more about Down syndrome with the Special Olympics and the National Down Syndrome Society.

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