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Honey in space

When astronauts on the International Space Station aren’t conducting science experiments, exercising, or enjoying the view from the cupola, they just might be found playing with their food. In this short microgravity demonstration from the Canadian Space Agency, Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques opens a jar of honey while floating on ISS. He tweeted: “Strange things happen with honey when you remove gravity.”

honey in space
During Expedition 35, NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn famously demonstrated squeeze-bottle honey:

squeezing honey in space
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Then watch Cooking in Space with ESA Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and a video with CSA astronaut Chris Hadfield: What it’s like to live in space.

Plus: How plants grow in space, growing a water bubble in microgravity on ISS, and cutting honeycombs and bottling honey by hand… on Earth.

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