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Hoot Goes There? Learn more about owl song with the Audubon Society

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When you think about the sound an owl makes, do you think about their iconic “hoot hoot” sound? That’s probably the “hoo-h’HOO-hoo-hoo” call of the Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus), “the quintessential owl of storybooks.”

Hoot Goes there? Hit play and find out! This National Audubon Society video reminds us that different species of owls make lots of different sounds, including whistles, whinnies, hisses, screeeeeees, barks, coos, hooo-too-too-too-toos, and more. Filmmaker Zakiyyah Madyun narrates.

Spoiler alert! This video features calls made by the Eastern Screech Owl, the Burrowing Owl, and the Barn Owl. Find more at

• North American owls and their sounds from
• Download Free Owl Sounds from

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Bonus: Plantpot Parabolic, a DIY reflector for recording birdsong on a smartphone.

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