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How are barn owl boxes built?

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What is a barn owl box and how does a barn owl box building pro make one? This JCs Wildlife promo video shares how pieces of plywood are screwed together to create a safe home for any barn owl who is looking for shelter for a nest. From their DIY nesting box kit:

“…there is an interior divider separating the box into two compartments. Should a predator be able to reach into the box, they will be unable to reach the owl or owlets on the other side of the divider.

owl box interior

“The entrance hole is also placed in consideration of young owlets to prevent them from being pushed out of the box by others behind them especially as they all seek to be fed first. Special “grip” grooves underneath the entrance hole also help the adult owl gain access into the box…

“The finished version of our Barn Owl Box is often used as a form of natural pest control in many farms, vineyards and estates to keep rodents from ruining crops and fields.”

Encouraging owls within an ecosystem can help reduce habitat loss and better control rodent populations in urban and suburban areas, as well.

the finished owl box
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