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How are bird eggs made?

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How are eggs made inside of a bird before they are laid, kept warm, and eventually hatch? The mother albatross in this clip from Sir David Attenborough’s Wonder of Eggs must eat enough to “amass a yolk so big that it can be transformed into a chick.”

Follow the egg’s biological development with an animation of the bird’s reproductive tract.

the yolk releases into the reproductive tract
Mid-video, Attenborough also demonstrates how separate the protective calcium carbonate hard shell from its contents. He soaks an unfertilized quail egg in vinegar, revealing the soft inner membrane. Try this experiment.

the dissolved eggshell

“So now back inside the uterus, the egg is almost complete. Calcium carbonate, carried by blood vessels, is deposited on the soft egg membrane where it will harden and set forming the shell. Then other cells begin to discharge pigment like paint being squirted from hundreds of tiny paint guns as the egg slowly revolves yet more cells spray out spots and streaks.

“It’s taken just under 24 hours for the egg to be fertilized and enclosed within a hard shell, and now within the dark uterus, it waits like an actor in the wings ready to make its appearance on life’s stage. But which end will emerge first from the bird? Big end or little end?”

developing the egg
egg shell
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