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How chocolate Easter Eggs are made (for us & for the Queen)

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How do you make a giant chocolate Easter Egg for Her Majesty the Queen of England? The Telegraph went behind the scenes with Bill Keeling at Prestat, Purveyors of Chocolate in 2015 to document the meticulous process. “‘It’s always with a sense of trepidation that the great egg is sent off to the palace, and we always hope it receives a royal welcome,’ says Keeling.”

How are chocolate Easter eggs made for the masses? In the video below, Easter egg halves ride conveyor belts at the Cadbury Easter Egg factory in Birmingham, England’s village of Bournville. “Annually Bournville produces 47 million shell eggs of the 90 million which the British will eat this Easter. Cadbury made its first creme-filled egg way back in 1923 and its first shell Easter egg in 1875.”

Next: More chocolate. Plus, painting traditional Pysanky Easter eggs.

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