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How did trees inspire the ‘sustainable superstar’ of toilets?

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Tested and refined by constant change, failures, variations, and adaptations over a few hundred million years, trees have formed smart and sustainable biological systems. Why not emulate them to create smart and sustainable technologies?

This is the concept behind change:WATER Labs‘ iThrone Evaporative Toilet. In the same way that trees and plants absorb and release moisture through evapotranspiration, the iThrone uses an evaporative collection bag to shrink waste, separating out the clean water in poop as vapor.

This Biomimicry Institute animation demonstrates.

ithrone toilet
With help from a pee-powered bio-battery, the iThrone also turns urine into electricity that powers ventilation. “This provides homes with a working toilet, without the need for power or plumbing,” Ask Nature explains.

“The compact, contained, stand-alone units can be dropped into any space quickly, and the ‘self-flushing’ technology works while being completely waterless and environmentally safe. This technology emerged from work done for NASA on wastewater recycling on the International Space Station, and is now being deployed in off-grid rural and refugee communities.”

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