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How do solar storms happen?

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What is plasma? What are solar winds and solar flares? How do solar storms happen?

“Although it’s mostly hydrogen gas, the sun makes up 99.8% of our solar system’s entire mass, and this creates enormous internal forces,” explains this fascinating Catalyst video from ABC Science. Solar physicist Dr. Hannah Schunker continues:

“The mass of the sun is so large that the force of gravity at the center causes pressure that’s so high that it can fuse hydrogen. And when this hydrogen is fusing it releases energy. But this can also release electrons and these charged particles are then free within the gas of the sun and this is what we call a plasma.”

solar storm
Learn how this plasma escapes the sun in different formsβ€”as a harmless solar wind and as more destructive bursts of energized particles and magnetic fields called coronal mass ejections or CMEs. As NASA explains, “the resulting impacts are what we call space weather.”

inside of the sun

β€’Β The Heliopedia: Infographics & definitions from NASA
β€’Β NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center
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Bonus: Hisako Koyama, the woman who stared at the sun.

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