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MSI Chicago’s Tesla Coil demonstration

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A Tesla coil is a device that can transmit electricity wirelessly. It actually creates a huge electrical field that you can even use to power certain electric devices.

Now, it was invented by a gentleman by the name of Nikola Tesla, who was fascinated with electricity. He was super-interested in alternating current devices, that’s a special way of getting electricity from one thing to another thing. But, he also did some experiments with wireless electricity and wireless technology. So, if you’re a fan of any wireless technology, you have Nikola Tesla to thank.

tesla coil at MSI Chicago
MSI Chicago facilitator Austin Green demonstrates the power of a Tesla coil, its toroid and grounding rings, 1.5-million-volts of electrical discharge, a light bulb, and something called a pickle. Watch Science Storms—How It Works: Tesla Coil.

Bonus: Hear what a Tesla coil sounds like, then watch Singing Tesla Coils perform the Inspector Gadget theme.

Austin Green at MSI Chicago
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