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How Do They Braid Rope?

How do they braid rope in a factory? This wordless 1997 short film by Don White for the National Film Board of Canada showcases the machines that twist and spool ropes of all sizes.

For more detail, American twisted cotton rope maker Frontier Market Solutions provides a narrated tour of the process in the promotional video below. They also provide some background:

Rope has been a tool vital to human civilizations since the beginning of recorded history. Cotton is a popular natural fiber used to make the yarn that composes rope, and cotton rope is thought to have been used since as early as 3000 BC in Pakistan and Egypt. Cotton growing and rope-making continued to spread throughout the world as civilizations interacted and traded, and by the 18th century, with the invention of the cotton gin, twisted cotton rope was being manufactured in factories in the United States. Twisted cotton rope has maintained its popularity due to its strength, flexibility, soft and non-abrasive texture, and easy uptake of colored dye.

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