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How do you play pickleball? A beginner takes on a national champion

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Pickleball was dreamed up in Washington State in the 1960s by a couple of dads trying to entertain their bored kids,” host Chance York explains in this PBS Twin Cities episode of Outside Chance / Minnesota Outdoors.

“Faced with an old badminton court, ping-pong paddles, and a plastic ball, the groundwork for the new sport was laid.”

And today, it’s a popular sport played by people of all ages around the globe. Learn how to play pickleball with York, a beginner, and National Pickleball Champion Rachael Kroog at Minneapolis’ Westwood Park Pickleball Courts.

“Rachael has accumulated over 100 medals in her 10 years of competition. She’s competed at the 5.0 level in tournaments across the country, winning golds in state tournaments in MN, WI, AZ, and TX, and gold medals at The National Pickleball Championships, The National Senior Games, The US Open, and in The World Huntsman Games.”

pickleball paddle
Kroog is also a pickleball coach who can explain the vocabulary, equipment, rules, and strategies that come with the game, from the kitchen to a punch volley, to a smackdown, a dink, and more.

pickleball practice
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