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How do pumpkins grow?

“The U.S. harvests five hundred million pounds of a food we have no intention of eating…” and if we did decide to eat this particular variety of food, it wouldn’t taste like what we’d expect.

In this episode of How Does It Grow, we visit a Duffields Farm where they grow a wide variety of pumpkins, squash, and gourds… including the pumpkins that are carved into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween decorations and the pumpkins that are used for to make pumpkin pies, which isn’t the same kind of pumpkin. Get a look at which pumpkin you’ve been eating in this vid.

how do pumpkins grow?
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Update! Try making this easy Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie, also known as Pie in a Pumpkin. Nicole Cotroneo Jolly explains how:

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