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How is ice cream made?

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When we want ice cream, we head to a local ice cream shop around town or to the freezer aisle in the grocery store. But how did the ice cream get there? Where and how was it made? This Magic of Making video takes us to an English farm to see how ice cream gets from Guernsey cows to the shops.

Guernsey dairy cows ice cream
milking cows ice cream

Fat, sugar, fruit and ice all come together to make delicious ice cream. First, the farmer must fatten up his cows with silage, pop their udders into his suction device, and pasteurise the milk to make it safe. The ice cream maker’s machinery does the rest, thickening it up into a tongue-tingling treat!

milking cows ice cream
Next, make your own ice cream at home: This video demonstrates three different ways. Or try making ice cream with Liquid Nitrogen.

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