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How many parts? dina A. Amin’s gadget guessing game videos

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Cairo-based tinkerer and stop-motion filmmaker dina A. Amin created this short animation featuring four gadgets that she took apart piece by piece: A walkman, a phone, a hairdryer, and a camera. See them up close before they scatter into neatly arranged parts. It’s an extension of her Tinker Friday stop-motion animations.

Tiny screws, wires, gears, levers, springs, circuit boards, buttons and bits. What parts do you see and how many of them are there?

phone breaking apart
phone parts arranged
We’ve been enjoying Amin’s sponsored series of guessing game videos on Instagram. Click the ‘play’ icons in the IGTV videos below to watch and guess for each object:

hair dryer arranged
Watch another Amin tinkering video: How I made a lil “Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man.”

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