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How Predictable Are You?

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This is The Prediction. Are you predictable? This intriguing Quirkology video, shared in 2012 by psychologist, author, and magician Richard Wiseman, might tell you the answer. His instructions:

“What I’d like you to do is lean forward and place your finger on the Start square… Now during the test you can move from side to side, you can move up and down, you can visit a square that you visited before, but you mustn’t move diagonally…

“Now every time I say a number, make a move. Remember: up or down, side to side, but not diagonally.”

the prediction
Did you finish the trick? Did Wiseman predict which symbol you were on in the end?

How does this prediction trick work? The secret, like many card tricks, is counting. More specifically, the trick relies on two categories: Even and odd. Wiseman creates the illusion of choice, but by strategically counting and eliminating options, he guides players to his desired destination. British mathematician James Grime explains in this 2012 video:

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