In 1995, scientists pointed the Hubble Telescope at an area of the sky near the Big Dipper. The location was apparently empty, and the whole endeavor was risky – what, if anything, was going to show up? But what came back was nothing short of spectacular: an image of over 1,500 galaxies glimmering in a tiny sliver of the universe.

From TED Ed and Alex Hofeldt, take an animated look at NASA’s Hubble Deep Field and eXtreme Deep Field (XDF) images: How small are we in the scale of the universe?

Next: The 1995 Hubble photo that changed astronomy, The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D, The Most Astounding Fact, Solar System, Milky Way, Laniakea: Our home supercluster, and how do we measure the universe?

Bonus: Building the solar system to scale in the Nevada desert.

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