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How To Be A Better Baker with Kiano Moju

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With practice and some creative customization to reflect the kinds of flavors you like, you can make a new and exciting dish for your friends and family. In How To Be a Better Baker from Tasty, video producer and culinary creative Kiano Moju shares how she reinvents basic pie and cake recipes without any fancy equipment or complex procedures.

“When looking at a recipe to make, the first thing to do is figure out what part is science and what part is flavor. Science I’m not messing with. I’m not messing with how it’s going to rise or structurally work, but with the flavor, that’s when it becomes customizable.

When you’re making things in your own kitchen, your imagination has no limit. You can put whatever ingredients you want. You can make it shaped however you want. It really is a question of your personality or what you did that day… like if you went to the farmer’s market and saw some beautiful strawberries, you’re gonna use that. It’s putting a lot more of yourself into the food than you actually expected to.”

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