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How to build a LEGO square wave kinetic toy

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Turn 685 small LEGO plates into this casually astonishing kinetic toy, a square wave that twists and flexes in ways that are not expected from an everyday LEGO build. Geometric LEGO artist Jeff Sanders of the Brick Bending YouTube channel demonstrates how to make your own square wave kinetic toy in the video above.

starting the LEGO wave square built
From a very simple shape—a square that looks like a sturdy yet unassuming baseplate—comes a surprising structure that can bend like paper. Watch until the end, then build your own. The required plates: 1×8 (480), 1×6 (80), 1×4 (80), 1×2 (39), 1×1 (6).

LEGO wave
LEGO wave
twisting the wave square
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via The Awesomer.

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