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How to draw yourself as a Peanuts character

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How do the kids from Peanuts get that signature Charles M. Schulz-drawn look? What makes them look the way they do? And how can you draw yourself as a Peanuts character?

You don’t need to use any special hardware and apps. Draw yourself in Peanuts form with a simple pencil or pen and paper. Level it up with whatever color crayons, markers, or pencils you might have around.

In this Today at Apple promotional video, Apple Store Creative Pro Anthony Jackson talks with The Snoopy Show showrunner Mark Evestaff and lead storyboard artist Krista Porter to learn how to draw a Peanuts character.

 peanuts characters
Porter and Jackson start with some basic shapes, add some emotion with lines, and then draw in the characters’ signature looks to help personalize them. Pick whatever details that would help describe you visually; the more unique to you, the better.

The actual tutorial starts just after the two-minute mark. Apple also shares a pdf of Peanuts character drawing references.

peanuts expressions
drawing peanuts characters
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