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How to juggle 3 balls, a beginner tutorial by Taylor Tries

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In this step-by-step juggling tutorial for beginners, Taylor Glenn from the Taylor Tries YouTube channel demonstrates the most productive way to learn how to juggle three balls.

She includes expert tips, tricks, and notes on correcting common challenges with each part of the 13-minute lesson, including what balls to get, how to throw and catch, where to aim, how to practice slowly, steadily, and efficiently, and above all, how to mess up and drop balls.

“Most people think this is juggling throwing three balls up in the air and continuously catching and throwing them again. Yeah maybe that’s the official definition, but when somebody says that they’re juggling, what they really mean is that they’re gonna throw stuff up in the air, drop it, pick it up, and do it again.”


“That’s what juggling is all about. It’s about messing up and getting better in little increments every time you throw the ball.

“And it’s important to know that going in because otherwise, you’re gonna get super frustrated and think, ‘oh I can’t do this. I’m really bad. I’m uncoordinated.’ Dropping is a part of it. It’s a big part of it. It’s okay. Enjoy the journey of juggling. Enjoy the drops”

taylor glenn
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