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How to make a bone model – BioMedical Art

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Pakistan-based YouTuber and self-taught science crafter Khadija Fazal Karim creates anatomy models with styrofoam, glue, tissue, and paint. Her channel, BioMedical Art, is chock-full of how-to tutorials for biology teachers and students, documenting how she handcrafts these learning tools. The example above: How to make a bone model.

bone diagram
If you don’t have styrofoam that you’re looking to repurpose or if you don’t want to create bits of petroleum-based plastic waste from carving it, try making this project with clay or paper mache.

To create a puffy paint effect, Khadija Fazal Karim squeezes mixes white glue and paint color, squeezing it like frosting from a piping bag. She coats the entire model with pieces of tissue using a 50/50 mix of glue and water.

carving styrofoam

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