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Making a French carrot salad in winter

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Year-round gardener Niki Jabbour shares how to make a delicious carrot salad in this PBS Food Kitchen Vignettes video. But the Halifax, Nova Scotia-based gardener and author also picks the carrots out of the ground in the dead of winter, clearing a pile of snow that’s gathered on top of her garden cold frame. Hay covering the soil adds to an effective insulation strategy.

Jabbour’s family calls winter carrots “candy carrots” because of their extra sweetness during the colder months. Carrots increase their sugar content when it’s cold outside to help fight icy conditions.

picking the carrots
To make the salad, Jabbour grates the carrots and suggests adding a variety of available ingredients, including fresh parsley, chickpeas, feta cheese, parsnips, and beets. She tops it with a lemon and olive oil dressing seasoned with salt and pepper.

making a salad
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