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How to make a steel track marble run, a step-by-step guide

Netherlands⁣-based designer and maker Daniel de Bruin creates a variety of machines and devices, including kaleidoscopes, gear reduction machines, and steel track marble runs. In the video above, he demonstrates how to make a steel track marble run.

Check out that Archimedes’ screw marble lift made of galvanized steel wire in the middle.

making the marble run
This steel track marble run video is the ultimate step-by-step guide for anyone who has the tools and equipment, including galvanized steel wire, a fine tip soldering iron, a drill, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, small metal spring clamps, rulers, and more.

Patience, practice, and lots of trial and error isn’t shown in the video but is also required for a project like this.

soldering the track
marble run in action
Daniel de Bruin is shares more of his work on Instagram. Here’s one of his tiny marble tracks in an infinite loop:

For those who don’t have the tools or time, we’re big fans of Marbleocity wooden marble runs and Hape Toy’s Quadrilla wooden marble run sets.

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We also recommend Andrew Gatt’s Ultimate Paper Roller Coaster, a more accessible DIY project for all ages.

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