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How to make a tunnel book

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Draw, cut, fold, and glue: With a series of drawings or construction paper cut outs, scissors or an X-acto knife, glue or tape, and some extra paper or poster board, you can create a peephole or tunnel book, a multilayered three dimensional scene that has depth and perspective.

Artist Andrea Patin demonstrates in this starter tunnel book crafting video from the Dougherty Arts Center, part of Austin, TexasParks and Rec channel. A description from Smithsonian Libraries:

“Tunnel books or peep shows are a series of cut-paper panels placed one behind the other, creating the illusion of depth and perspective. Often, these are engineered like an accordion, with the two boards pulling apart and the illustrated panels lined up and viewed through a front peep-hole or viewer.”

stack the frames
Details, more layers, and different formats can make the scene even more immersive and mesmerizing. Find more examples of peephole and tunnel books here.

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