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How to make a wind turbine, a science experiment

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“Humans have harnessed the power of wind for thousands of years. Back in the day, it was used for grinding grain or pumping water. Now wind power is used to create clean and sustainable electricity thanks to powerful wind turbines which combine ancient technology with cutting-edge engineering.”

In this sustainable energy activity, aerospace engineer Jasmine Sadler builds a series of small-scale wind turbines, then measures their effectiveness with a hair dryer to create wind, a voltmeter to measure generated energy, and a single LED waiting to be powered.

attaching a motor
This Mission Unstoppable video, hosted by Miranda Cosgrove, shares the experiment. Model this technology at home or in class with cardstock, skewers, a cork, a 1.5V DC hobby motor, and a dowel rod.

Jasmine Sadler

• Design a Wind Turbine with the (grades 3-8).

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Bonus: How does a watermill work?

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