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How to make a zine from a single sheet of paper

Want to express your thoughts in a few small pages for friends and family? Looking to hide an original comic or short story under a pillow or in a school lunch? Thinking about creating an artist’s book full of scrap music sheet song bird illustrations?

You might want to make a zine, “a small-circulation, self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via photocopier. Zines are the product of either a single person or of a very small group…” They’ve been around for decades, and they can be anything.

In this video, author and artist Austin Kleon demonstrates how to make a zine from a single sheet of paper. No staples required. It’s pretty easy as long as you’re careful about the one tear (or cut) that allows the paper to fold into its booklet form.

DIY zine
Fold, tear, and then fill your zines with drawings, comics, collages, poems, wishes, images, words, or whatever you’d like! They’re perfect for pockets and can be easily photocopied when unfolded.

Next: The art of making a book: Setting type, printing, and binding by hand and Andymation demonstrates how to make a flipbook.

via Swiss-Miss.

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This video was posted 1 year ago.

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