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How to make Chinese traditional Nanshan noodles

A staple in Chinese dishes, noodles can come in all shapes, ingredients, and styles dependent on what region of the country they’re made. In Nan Shan, a village in the city of Wenzhou, China, noodle-making is a lot like weaving yarn, a 300 year old traditional preparation that only around 300 people in the world know how to do anymore.

Nanshan noodle master Lin Fa Zhu demonstrates how these Suomian Noodles are mixed, rolled, stretched, and hung by tradition in this More China video.

Update: Enjoy another Nanshan video from Great Big Story: The Art of Making 9-Foot Noodles by Hand.

Follow this with The Ring of Truth: Noodles & the principle of halving and this DIY recipe: fresh homemade pasta, made simply.

via Sploid.

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