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How to make a face shield in 3 easy steps

To help solve the challenge of PPE (personal protective equipment) shortages in the medical field, Tokyo-based designer Tokujin Yoshioka created an easy-to-make face shield that can be attached to ordinary glasses. The material, a 270mm (10.6-inch) square sheet of 0.2 millimeter thick PVC plastic, is easy to cut while providing the structure required to hold the face shield’s shape. Yoshioka writes:

“It only takes 3 steps to create this face shield; put the template on top of a clear plastic sheet, cut them along the guideline, and attach it to your glasses.”

Yoshioka shares the free, open-source template here:

free face shield template

I am grateful to the brave and dedicated healthcare workers for fighting the contagious disease… I hope this can be of any help to healthcare workers.

tokujin yoshioka face mask
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Makers around the world are finding ways to help create masks, face shields, and other PPE for their local hospitals and communities. Examples of these helpers include MIT, 3DBrooklyn, MakerMask, Girls Garage, MakerspaceCT, Handimade Studio, librarians at the L.A. Central Library’s Octavia Lab, and many more.

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via Spoon Tamago.

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