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How To Make Fake Poo, a mini psychology experiment

Shock your children by taking a taste of a repulsive poo! Then, by following our recipe, explore what it is that makes us feel emotions like disgust.

Through this activity, Dwain and Sahara learn how our emotions and opinions can change over time as our understanding develops. By making her own fake poo with chocolate and biscuits, Sahara discovers that she can ‘unlearn’ her feelings of disgust when she sees that not all is as it seems.

You can follow The Royal Institution‘s fake poop recipe or get creative and make some edible poop of your own. Download the info sheet & emotion cards here, too.

This video is a part of Ri’s ExpeRimental series that shares fun, easy, and inexpensive science experiments for kids to learn with/from their adults. Ri’s psychology for kids vids are supported by the British Psychological Society.

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