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How to make latex glove bagpipes

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In this World by Charlie video, Charlie Engelman begins with smooth jazz saxophonist Kenny G and his Guinness Book of World Record-setting ability to play really long notes, and ends with a homemade musical instrument: DIY latex glove bagpipes. How are those things related?

Kenny G uses a circular breathing technique that allows him to take in air through his nose while still playing his saxophone. The result: He can keep that note going for a very long time, not only for a few minutes but a 1997 record-setting 45 minutes and 47 seconds.

circular breathing
Potentially fiddly yet “surprisingly effective”, this homemade bagpipe craft project can also keep making sounds while you pause to take a breath.

To make your own latex glove bagpipes, gather two latex gloves, two straws, strong tape, and a pair of sharp scissors. Then watch Engelman’s video demonstration.

DIY glove bagpipes demonstration
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