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How to make miso banana bread

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This easy miso banana bread recipe, as demonstrated by The Cookworm YouTube channel, is a must-try for anyone who wants a new take on a traditional favorite.

By incorporating miso—a savory Japanese paste commonly used as a base for soups and sauces—this banana bread gets an extra boost of umami flavor that complements the sweetness of ripe bananas and brown sugar.

Walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, or cashews can add texture, too.

Pre-heat the oven to 180C (350F) and prep the loaf pan, as shown. Slice one ripe banana longways; mash the rest until they have a paste-like consistency. Thoroughly whisk in the miso paste.

In a separate bowl, add the eggs, brown sugar, and melted butter. Whisk them together until it becomes light and fluffy. Then add the flour and baking powder to the bowl and fold everything until they’re just combined.

Fold the banana miso mixture into the bowl. Add the chopped nut of your choice. Then pour the mix into the prepped pan and bake for 48-52 minutes.

A complete recipe is listed in the video caption.

completed miso banana bread
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