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How to regrow 14 store-bought vegetables and herbs

Learn how to regrow 14 store-bought vegetables and herbs with Jag Singh of Daisy Creek Farms in California. Which veggies and herbs does he include? Here’s the list:

Vegetables to regrow include: 1. Ginger, 2. Green onion, 3. Garlic, 4. Potatoes, 5. Carrot tops, 6. Lettuce, 7. Leeks, and 8. Celery.

Herbs to regrow from cuttings include: 9. Basil, 10. Mint, 11. Rosemary, 12. Oregano, 13. Sage, and 14. Thyme.

growing potatoes
regrowing carrot tops
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Bonus: There’s no such thing as vegetables.

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