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How to Save Our Jungles: Restoration and smart land use

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Deforestation is the act of cutting down large areas of trees and plants, primarily to create croplands and pastures for agriculture. History holds many stories of deforestation and its unexpected consequences, but it also holds powerful examples of smart land use, jungle restoration, gentle jungle use, and both education and action around the issue on a global scale—starting with answering this question:

Why would we want to save the jungles on our planet?

Sir David Attenborough explains why in this Our Planet video from WWF, Netflix and Silverback Films: How to Save Our Jungles.

peeking animal

Jungles are essential for our planet to function. They regulate global weather. The clouds they create reflect the sun’s heat, helping to cool the planet. They generate vast amounts of water which is carried on air currents around the globe. And their ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere makes them an essential natural ally in the fight against climate change.

jungle clouds

Jungles also give us extraordinary foods, unique hardwoods, countless medicines. All of this is due to one thing: Their bewildering diversity of life. Jungles are home to over half of all the species that live on land… There are countless unique microworlds. Each of these microworlds is connected to its neighbors, all continuously interacting to keep the entire jungle working.

leaf cutter ants

So every time we clear a patch of jungle, we risk losing something forever, a strand of the intricate web of life is gone. Each patch we lose damages a jungle’s ability to function, and its capacity to help maintain the health of our planet and ourselves. Therefore every patch of jungle is precious.

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