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The Kid Should See This

How to screen print, a video series by Eva Stalinski

Eva Stalinski is a Dutch illustrator and screen printer who sells her shirts, bags, pins and patches online. In this delightful series of how-to videos, she shares how to screen print your own designs onto t-shirts. She includes information about the tools, inks, and materials she uses, as well as her DIY-at-home setups.

Above, she demonstrates how to prepare a screen at home. Below, she shows us how to screen print a shirt at home:

Stalinski levels up the challenge and delight with this how-to video about printing multiple layers: How to print a 4-color screen print at home.

To see more of her work, visit To try screenprinting at home or in the classroom, watch her entire series. There are also a few highly-rated kits available on Amazon or at your local art store.

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