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How to slice (almost) every fruit

See how a professional chef prepares a wide range of fruits with some simple chops, cuts, and slices. Chef Frank Proto of the Institute of Culinary Education demonstrates “how to slice every fruit” (well, quite a few of them) in this Epicurious video. He includes a few helpful tips, including how to remove an avocado seed, how to shake pomegranate seeds free with a heavy spoon, and why it’s important to make a flat side on round fruits.

Featured produce includes durian, cherimoya, lychee, kiwi berries, carambola aka star fruit, rambutan, passion fruit, and dragonfruit.


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Plus: Learn more about durian and the different kinds of pumpkins used for holiday decorations and food: How do pumpkins grow?

Bonus: Why are there so many types of apples?

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