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How to throw, trim, and glaze a bud vase, narrated by Florian Gadsby

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Shaping wet clay, trimming dried clay, then glazing the formed cylinder. In this video demonstration, ceramicist Florian Gadsby describes each step of how he throws, trims, and glazes a tall bud vase. He also shares the finished product after the piece is fired for nine hours to 1290ΒΊc in a kiln.

Florian Gadsby shaping wet clay
Gadsby has documented his ceramics work on Instagram for five years, sharing narrated and wordless videos on YouTube since mid-2019. The video below includes the same footage, an ASMR version without narration.

The photos and caption below share the methodical firing process, as well as other beautifully formed and glazed tableware that Gadsby creates and sells in his North London-based online shop.

Note the mirror he uses, above, to see the side view of his creations while he spins them. Then watch more pottery videos on TKSST, including:
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