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How To Wear A Mask In School, a no-nonsense guide for all ages

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Inventor, rising 10th grader, and MythBusters Jr. alum Allie Weber, along with classmate Sean Baker, created this helpful August 2020 video to review simple mask-wearing etiquette—protocol tips, ways to help masks fit better, as well as some things to avoid—with school-age kids and teens.

The educational guide can be used for school or for general mask-wearing when outside of the home and should be practiced in combination with social distancing and handwashing recommendations. Weber explains:

I saw a need for an easy way for teachers to educate students, as many children will be expected to wear masks. Many adults make mask-wearing mistakes themselves so I felt that speaking to students as a student myself, would be helpful…

Allie Weber explains how to wear a mask

This video is split into three short sections so that teachers and educators can pause or stop the video if they feel like the 2nd and 3rd sections are not relevant information for their classrooms.

The information in this video was taken from the CDC website, and by consulting with healthcare providers and a microbiologist who has work experience wearing masks in a medical lab at Mayo Clinic.

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Find more of Weber at @RobotMakerGirl on Twitter or Tech-nic-Allie Speaking on YouTube.

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